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A savory sub is deserving of an equally tasty tune. This jingle perfectly blends a punk rock music style with classic 1950’s harmonies.

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Benedict Advertising: Subway

Dilemma: Subway was looking for a way to promote their new meals of the day into a short and memorable jingle (under 15 seconds). They wanted to infuse the piece with elements of the classic “Happy Days” theme but also give it a modern twist. Adding to the time crunch was the need to incorporate their name, price point, and slogan into the production while also making it easy to modify price points in the future.

Solution: A good throwback jingle is always a lot of fun! In collaboration with Benedict Advertising, We started by analyzing elements of the classic Happy Days piece and identifying ways we could bring it to a more modern place. We chose to mix it with a punk-rock style to give it the flair that Subway’s jingles are familiar for. From there we tweaked the lyrics and melody to fit and before we knew it, we stumbled upon just the perfect blend while still incorporating all of the essential elements they required.

Client Testimonial:

We have been very happy with the work that the team at Push Button Productions has provided to our clients. The results have been well received by our clients’ customers and have led to higher sales and awareness for their brands. The entire approach that Push Button takes is why we continue to come back with projects to them – great dedication, constantly evolving and improving their skills and delivery of a great product.

Michael Benedict President


Budget Blinds

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Budget Blinds

Dilemma: Budget Blinds is a nationally franchised chain of custom window treatment providers that excels at delivering top quality products directly to your home. Their agency, Hot Dish Advertising, came to us looking for a modern and fun jingle that displayed the brand’s core values of quality, service, and efficiency. Above all, they wanted a modern sound that was memorable and made it almost impossible to forget their phone number.

Solution: Armed with all their criteria, the Push Button team went off to work! We began by identifying several creative options, and narrowing our focus to a slightly quirky, indie-pop sound. We developed a custom music track and incorporated a unique audio signature throughout the piece that we highlighted at the end. From there we worked with the creative team at Hot Dish to develop the winning hook and melody and met all of the requirements on the lyrical content. Finally, one of our singers put the perfect sparkle on the piece! Have a listen and try not to sing along!


Grease Monkey

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Grease Monkey

Dilemma: The team at Grease Monkey knows how to keep your car running like a dream, and when they wanted a brand jingle that reflected their fun personalities, they knew just who to call! Grease Monkey was looking for something unique to stand out on the radio. More importantly, they wanted to feature their great techs so everyone would know how qualified they are to get the job done right.

Solution: We began by looking at several music genres with the Grease Monkey team, and settled on a 50’s throwback sound. Poodle skirts, slicked back hair, and a touch of attitude is just what the doctor ordered. We composed an original track that featured an aggressive drum and piano and added really unique elements to give it that 1950’s glow. The lyrics all reflect the great interaction consumers can expect with the Grease Monkey techs and how happy they’ll be after a visit. Finally, a peppy vocal with tons of harmonies and backups completed this funky piece. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!


HuHot Mongolian Grill
Audio branding for a restaurant that boasts Genghis Kahn as its mascot?  Yes please!  Check out all the neat utensil effects we incorporated into their brand music.


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HuHot Mongolian Grills

Dilemma : HuHot, a national chain of hibachi restaurants was rebranding and looking to unify all their advertising elements. Part of this included the development of music that would suit their brand which is fun and irreverent. In addition to that, they wanted Push Button to create an audio library of sounds they could consistently use in their ads. Finally, they wanted a series of branded radio commercials that tied all the elements together.

Solution: There’s so much cool stuff about HuHot so we knew we had to knock this project out of the park. We started by looking at the brand music. Our goal was to create music using kitchen utensils, sizzling water, salt shakers, etc. as percussion elements. Then we began working on the beat. Something lively and interesting – foreign sounding, but not unfamiliar. Once we composed music, we drew upon similar elements to develop the sound library that included hundreds of elements of sound. Finally, we developed radio scripts that incorporated all the key elements. Consistent writing, voices, and production styles created a sound that is uniquely “HuHot!”

Client Testimonial: Push Button Productions always provides the highest quality production, as well as customer service. Their timeliness is unsurpassed! At HuHot Mongolian Grill, we typically have tight timelines and Push Button does everything they can to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. They’re a pleasure to work with!

-Stephanie Krause, Marketing Director – HuHot Mongolian Grill


Hullco Exteriors

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Hullco Exteriors

Dilemma: A home improvement service provider based in Tennessee was looking to re-brand with custom music and sing. In business since 1977, Hullco is a pillar of the community and they needed their brand music to convey trust, promise, and excitement. Also, the term ‘Hey Buddy’ has been used in Hullco’s advertisements since its inception and they asked us to work it into their piece without forcing it.

Solution: The creative team at Push Button ultimately decided that a subdued, modern country piece would work the best for Hullco. Using acoustic guitar and drums as the main, overriding instruments, we also decided to take the bass for a walk at the :07 mark. Push Button composed a mid tempo track which we knew would blend well with the lyrics we had in mind. We came up with ‘Making life a little better, come home to Hullco’ as the main hook because in the end, that’s what Hullco offers. Additionally, we created a unique audio logo at the end of the piece with a simple acoustic guitar lick. This piece was, and still is one of our favorites! Enjoy!


Visit Orlando

It’s not hard to see why people want to visit Orlando. But if they had any doubts, this commercial should fix that.
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Visit Orlando

Dilemma: The Orlando Convention and Visitor’s bureau reached out to Push Button through their agency, Push (no relation to us), to re-create sound design or a television spot to air in the UK. They wanted sounds design that was sparse and fit well with the ad as well as the ability to alter the final mix at a later date at the TV production firm.

Solution: We coordinated an ISDN session with the voice talent and welcomed the agency’s creative team to our studios. We directed and produced the voice over and incorporated elements of sound design to give the spot the perfect amount of pop. Once everything was complete, the mix was sent to the TV production company in split tracks so they could modify them once all final editing was complete.


Fibre Federal 
Who says finances have to be boring?  Our famed credit union singer makes any financial situation a hoot!

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Fibre Federal Credit Union

Dilemma: Fibre Federal knows better than anyone that finances don’t have to be boring. We couldn’t agree more. They turned to Push Button Productions to develop all their creative for radio. They requested that the spots target a younger demographic but also maintain a level of professionalism that the local community has become accustomed to. Also, they wanted to sound unlike any other credit union in their market.

Solution: Being given basically free reign from a client is actually more difficult than it may seem. We developed ideas that ranged from the bizarre to the downright weird. Finally though we hit the jackpot when we created a character who loved to sing about Fibre Federal every chance he got. This campaign took the singer everywhere from a coffee shop to a pre-k classroom to a fully packed arena. His quirky lyrics not only gave Fibre an edge, but the overall production value still gave them the professional sound they value.

Client Quote: Push Button Productions is great to work with. I appreciate the fact that they actively listen to what I hope to accomplish and quickly develop fun, creative concepts. Once we nail down the concept, they really impressed me with their super fast production turn around.

– Lesley Carrell, SVP/Marketing Fibre Federal Credit Union


Choice Wireless
Less is more with Choice Wireless… literally!  Clean production and simple copy make their ads pop.

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Choice Wireless

Dilemma: Our friends at MLB Creative were looking for just the right voice for their client, Choice Wireless. “Give us someone real, but flexible enough to be laid back and authoritative at the same time,” they requested. Then they continued “By the way, we need the spots recorded and produced in less than 48 hours… and yes we know it’s Friday.”

Solution: Enter Push Button’s exclusive casting system that produced the perfect voice for Choice… and within only a few hours! Once our talent was identified, we booked an emergency ISDN session and got everything together in no time. Not only did we make the deadline on this project, but the clients were thrilled and the end result speaks volumes.

Client Testimonial: MLB Creative worked with Push Button Productions and in a rush situation, Push Button went into immediate action. Not only were they willing and able to schedule a Sunday studio session, they found the exact talent and music we were looking for, producing a high-quality spot. Everyone was happy; especially the client.

Beth Mock LeBlanc Chief Creative Officer MLB Creative


Environmentally friendly AND they get rid of the bugs?  Developing an audio brand for these guys was totally fun!  Check out the audio logo at the end.

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Dilemma: Environmentally safe pest control is a booming industry, and no one knows it better than Envirotech. They looked to Push Button to create audio branding that made them stand out within their product channel and also wanted to have spots created that reflected a responsible company that has a sense of humor. The cherry on the icing? A custom audio logo that conveyed a sense of trust that they could incorporate into their radio, television, and web campaigns.

Solution: This project required us to look at multiple facets of Envirotech’s business. We started (as we do with all projects) by performing a needs analysis and completing a creative brief. We determined three product channels to focus on and three creative directions with a unifying theme. From there our copywriters created characters to who would not only entertain, but also provide the right tone for the spots. A hop, skip, and a jump later casting was done and it was off to final production. Meanwhile our musicians cranked the dial up to eleven and delivered the goods with a custom audio logo. You can hear it featured at the end of this sample.


Jazzybird Coffee
A bold new way to start your day!  Sorry in advance for getting this stuck in your head.

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JazzyBird Coffee

Dilemma: JazzyBird Coffee is a fun and lively brand of gourmet coffee you can make at home. Their brand is infused with subtle hints of New Orleans culture. It was critical to them to incorporate the nuances of their visual logo into an audio brand.

Solution: Our recommendation to the folks at JazzyBird was to let us develop an audio logo that ties in a hip, young and exciting brand with the elements of New Orleans that they love. The result was an upbeat piece capped off with a powerful male singer.

Client Quote: Push Button Productions was a pleasure to work with. Creative and efficient, they listened to my needs and got me what I wanted. My clients loved it!

– Joe Chiarella, Shark Media


Jingle That! Make your own jingle for anything!  Birthday, Bar-Mitzvah, graduation… it’s all good.  Pick up the smooth vibe we’re puttin’ down on this sample.

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Cramer-Krasselt: DEX Jingle That!

Dilemma: Imagine our surprise when out of the clear blue sky, the largest privately held ad agency in the world called us to create music for an upcoming jingle project. At the time we had only been in business for a little over a year and we had no idea what was in store for us. They were looking for a music company that has the resources to create everything from the “classic jingle sound” to a modern rock, R&B, and country versions of music pieces, among others. Additionally, CK was incorporating this audio into a new technology which allowed for the creation of customized jingles for novelty purposes. The audio had to be able to be cut and reassembled in different layers each time and maintain consistent quality.

Solution: Once we were able to wipe the geeky grins off our faces from being asked to do this project, we started developing music sample after music sample to identify the right direction for these compositions. We visited with the agency and had creative and recording sessions in Canada, Memphis (at the legendary Ardent Studios), Nashville, and in Florida. Once the right music had been written, it was time to find the singers to bring the piece to life. We underwent a national search for the best voices for each of the genres and came out victorious. We even booked famed singer Jimi Jameson from Survivor to sing on the rock piece… perfection! After all the recording was done, we spent a few months carefully massaging the audio so it would work perfectly with the new technology. It may be the closest we’ve ever been to jingle heaven.

Client Testimonial:

The people at Push Button are super-talented, super industrious, and have amazing physiques. I can’t think of too many production houses that would work until 6 a.m. on July 4th weekend just to make a deadline. Crystal meth production houses maybe… but not music production houses. Push Button totally pushed my buttons.

-Gary Doyle VP Cramer-Krasselt

Cellucor (1)

Feel the burn as these ads pump you up! A neutraceutical that wanted direct response ads for radio.

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EVOK: Cellucor

Dilemma: Cellucor’s business was expanding fast in the in nutraceutical markets and they were getting ready to roll out a new weight loss product nationally, several markets at a time. The critical elements to them were to ensure that people understood the power of this weight loss supplement. They wanted to engage the people who were ready to lose serious weight and inform them that there were real people that had changed their lives because of this weight loss breakthrough. Since their target demographic was all over the map, the creative needed to be a fairly broad appeal with multiple execution styles. Finally, because their main distribution channel was local GNC co-ops, we modified spots to fit each individual market.

Solution: In our creative brainstorming for Cellucor we developed two different creative executions for their ads. The first was a conversation with body parts. In these ads, we brought different body parts to life to give listeners a peek into what their bodies were saying about them.

For the second style of ad, we really wanted to feature the success stories front and center and we wanted the stories to come from the people who lived them. While many times you will hear voice actors delivering testimonials on radio ads, we felt that in this particular case we would get a lot more out of letting the people who were successful in losing weight with the Cellucor Weight loss system talk directly with the consumers. We set up a recorded line where real users could call in to be interviewed about their experience and broke it down into dozens of individual sound bytes.

The last part of this process was to create a unique audio logo for the Cellucor brand. This way, they could create some consistency among all their audio branding on TV, radio, web and even let the individual co-ops create their own ads and tag them with their signature sound.

Client Testimonial:

Push Button always makes audio production simple and easy for our clients. They are always able to meet whatever crazy deadlines we have and provide top-notch quality and service. Just when I think we might have given them a project that’s impossible to accomplish they find a way to come through for us every time.

Larry Meador, Owner EVOK Advertising (Need to get Larry to okay this testimonial).



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Florida Division of Emergency Management

Dilemma: The State of Florida was looking for a radio campaign that would inform citizens of the potential risks of the upcoming hurricane season and what they could do to prepare in advance. Florida’s famously multicultural populace meant that care had to be taken when developing the campaign. It needed to reflect the dangers of hurricane season but still be uplifting and relatable across different cultures. Also, the spot needed to be created in English, Spanish, and Creole.

Solution: EVOK asked us to partner on this project and we eagerly accepted the challenge. Creative on this campaign was kept generally straightforward due to the client’s request that all materials be relatable in multiple languages and culture and also because of the 30 second timeframe with lots of information to get out. Our goal with these ads was to let the announcer be straightforward and let the sound effects and music carry the creative on the spots. This way we could not only keep them lively, but also worry less about whether the commercials would translate.


Tandy Lather Factory

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Tandy Lather Factory

Dilemma: Tandy Leather is a seriously unique place. With hundreds of locations across the country, they specialize in providing novice and professional leatherworkers with the tools they need to make custom leather-crafts. What they were missing, however, was radio spots that drove traffic to their stores and also showed off their personality.

Solution: With a slew of information about the leather-crafting process and the permission to get a little wild with the creative, we set out to give Tandy a fresh sound that stood out. In this spot we started off, oddly enough, with a grandma. She mirrors some off the characteristics you’d find in most grandmothers – but this one is exploring her wild side. With great casting and production, we drove home the point that leather-crafting can be a fun way to spice things up!


Harpole Real Estate Group

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Dilemma: Erick Harpole was direct when he first called us for new brand music. He was looking for the best team to create a fresh jingle for his real estate firm. No phony lyrics, no dated music, no cheesy vocals. He studied the marketplace and chose us to breathe musical life into his brand. Then all we had to do was deliver.

Solution: Working with Erick and his team we talked at length about his target demographics, calls to action, his position in the marketplace and how this new brand music would elevate it. We determined a modern pop sound with a simple and sparse instrumentation would perfectly portray his brands audio image. The vocals are also understated, creating an airy and relaxed feeling that many may not associate with buying or selling a home. Also, the unique elements in the piece are easily adapted into other touch points with the target demo – like radio ads, on-hold, etc.


Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control

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Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control

Dilemma: Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control wanted to unify their advertising with a strong focus on audio branding. This included radio spots, audio for television, and on-hold messaging. They needed something memorable that would allow them to stand out amongst a sea of competitors in the Central Florida marketplace all clamoring for their share of the lawn and pest control pie. Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control also needed a new slogan to tie all of their elements together.

Solution: Nothing makes a brand stand out, or elevates a brand image, quite like a well produced jingle. Push Button wrote an original brand music composition that was exciting and different. Additionally, we came up with the idea of Tommy T. Turtle as a brand mascot to appear in some of the spots, plus the slogan ‘come home to the best’. This slogan paints the picture of coming home to a lawn that is not only beautiful and green, but also pest free. We created multiple 60, 30, and 15 second radio spots for Evergreen with quirky characters and unique situations. Additionally, the custom on-hold messaging written and produced by Push Button ensures brand consistency utilizing the voice of Tommy T and Evergreen’s custom brand music.

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Client Success

Cramer Krasselt

"The people at Push Button are super-talented, super-industrious, and have amazing physiques." Read More

- Gary Doyle, Cramer Krasselt

352 Media Group

"The team at Push Button took our commercial to the next level, contributing" Read More

- Damion Wasylow, 352 Media Group

University of Florida Athletic Association

"We have really enjoyed our relationship with Push Button Productions" Read More

- Martin Salamon, University of Florida Athletic Association

Anton West Advertising

"We are amazed by Push Button Productions’ creativity and professionalism" Read More

- Susan Waldeck Anton West Advertising

Achiever McBeaver

"These guys are the absolute best around! Push Button created a whole radio" Read More

- Alan Caplin,

Sunstate Federal Credit Union

"I love working with the Push Button crew. Their creative is fresh and attention" Read More

- Robert Hart, Marketing Director
Sunstate Federal Credit Union


"Push Button always makes audio production simple and easy for our clients" Read More

Larry Meador, Owner EVOK Advertising.

Benedict Advertising

"We have been very happy with the work that the team at Push Button" Read More

Michael Benedict President


"Client Quote: Push Button is my go-to team whenever I need anything" Read More

Lisa Curran Cox Communications

Fibre Federal Credit Union

"Push Button Productions is great to work with. I appreciate the fact that they" Read More

- Lesley Carrell, SVP/Marketing Fibre Federal Credit Union