Jr. Jingles

Don’t let the “Jr.” fool you…

…this package has the same bite as its full-sized counterpart. This package features a license-free composition, custom lyrics and melody, and you have the ability to choose your own vocalist. At the end, you get a full edit package of a highly polished productions at a reduced price. It’s ideal for the first-time audio brander!

Jr. Jingle Case Study


Dilemma: Subway was looking for a way to promote their new meals of the day into a short and memorable jingle (under 15 seconds). They wanted to infuse the piece with elements of the classic “Happy Days” theme but also give it a modern twist. Adding to the time crunch was the need to incorporate their name, price point, and slogan into the production while also making it easy to modify price points in the future.

Solution: A good throwback jingle is always a lot of fun! In collaboration with Benedict Advertising, we started by analyzing elements of the classic Happy Days piece and identifying ways we could bring it to a more modern place. We chose to mix it with a punk-rock style to give it the flair that Subway’s jingles are familiar for. From there we tweaked the lyrics and melody to fit and before we knew it, we stumbled upon just the perfect blend while still incorporating all of the essential elements they required.

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FAQ’s About Jr. Jingles

If a piece of music isn't exactly what I'm looking for, can I change it?
In some cases we can add an additional layer of another instrument, but we cannot take anything out of the piece you’re selecting.
I found music on another website that I want to use, is this possible?
This is a possibility as long as we have, in writing, a licensing agreement to use the music for the purposes which the client is intending to use them for.
What if I want more than one vocalist on my production?
If you choose to have additional vocalists, there will be additional fees associated to be determined when you choose who you want to do the singing. Current technology allows us to use one vocalist and make it seem bigger and it’s how most productions are done. If, for example, you decide that you want a male and female part in your production then additional costs will apply.
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