Business Bundle

You demand the quality of an original…

…But don’t need a nationwide buyout. With Push Button’s Business Bundle Package, we’ll create a 100% custom jingle and only license the piece in your designated market area (we’ll call this a DMA if you’re into the whole brevity thing). What does that mean? You get a totally custom jingle and a guarantee that no one else in your DMA can use it! Some might call this a win-win. And what’s even cooler? There are no re-licensing fees to be paid to us ever. That’s because we want you to get the best deal possible (and give us less paperwork).

Business Bundle Case Study

Harpole Real Estate Group

Dilemma: Erick Harpole was direct when he first called us for new brand music. He was looking for the best team to create a fresh jingle for his real estate firm. No phony lyrics, no dated music, no cheesy vocals. He studied the marketplace and chose us to breathe musical life into his brand. Then all we had to do was deliver.

Solution: Working with Erick and his team we talked at length about his target demographics, calls to action, his position in the marketplace and how this new brand music would elevate it. We determined a modern pop sound with a simple and sparse instrumentation would perfectly portray his brands audio image. The vocals are also understated, creating an airy and relaxed feeling that many may not associate with buying or selling a home. Also, the unique elements in the piece are easily adapted into other touch points with the target demo – like radio ads, on-hold, etc.

More Business Bundle Samples

TJ Moore Lumberyard

Lemon Tree Cleaners

Unitech Training Academy

FAQ’s About the Business Bundle

I really like (a song by Elvis, the Beatles, or another band) and I want to create a jingle around it for my business, can you do that?
This is a little more complex than it seems. In order to do it, we’ll need to secure licensing of the track. Another viable alternative is to create a “sound-alike.” Basically, this is an entirely different composition from the original that we create in the musical style. If you want something like Johnny Cash, then we’ll use similar elements as the one he used to create that “Johnny Cash sound” without stepping on his copyrights. Under the Business Bundle option, we are limited to existing tracks that are already composed with the influences you’re looking for. If we have nothing already composed, you will need to look at our “Premium Original Production (POP) package.
I found music on another website that I want to use, is this possible?
This is a possibility as long as we have, in writing, a licensing agreement to use the music for the purposes which the client is intending to use them for.
I like the jingle you sent, but I don't like the singer, can we get someone else?
Yes, you can approve a singer before we produce the jingle.
Once I approve the lyrics, can I make any changes?
After you have given us approval on the script and the music, there is a very small window of time for us to make any changes. If you decide to make changes after part of the production has commenced, you will be subject to some additional fees depending on how much of the work has to be changed.
What are the edits I can expect to get with this package?
Most Business Jingle packages come with between 7-10 edits and the breakdown of those edits usually looks something like this:

  1. 60, 30, 15 second full sing,
  2. 60, 30 second donut,
  3. 60, 30, 15 second instrumentals
  4. and usually two variations of the above (sing-in, instrumental out…name sing only, etc)

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Cramer Krasselt

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University of Florida Athletic Association

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Anton West Advertising

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Achiever McBeaver

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Sunstate Federal Credit Union

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Sunstate Federal Credit Union


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