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A lot of times when we mention audio logos we get funny looks from people. The fact is that audio logos have been around almost as long as advertising has. Simply put, it’s a short signature sound for your business. Usually it’s between two to seven seconds long and it quickly identifies one of your commercials as yours (just like your visual logo does it for your print). McDonald’s has the famous “Ba-da-pa-pa-pah”, NBC has their famous chimes, or the “We are Farmers!” chant… you get the point.

The benefit in maintaining this consistent audio brand is that it drives quality impressions up by registering with someone even if they aren’t actively listening. If they only catch a couple of seconds of your ad as they search across the dial or if they are in the other room while the TV is on, you can still create an impression that otherwise would have been missed. This is a critical part in the development of any brand, and over time we have found that people know they need this, they just weren’t sure what to call it. All of Push Button’s audio logos are custom-created to guarantee exclusivity of the piece and that it’s the right fit for you and your company.

Enviro-Tech Pest Services

Dilemma: Environmentally safe pest control is a booming industry, and no one knows it better than Enviro-Tech. They looked to Push Button to create audio branding that made them stand out within their product channel and also wanted to have spots created that reflected a responsible company that has a sense of humor. The cherry on the icing? A custom audio logo that conveyed a sense of trust that they could incorporate into their radio, television, and web campaigns.

Solution: This project required us to look at multiple facets of Enviro-Tech’s business. We started (as we do with all projects) by performing a needs analysis and completing a creative brief. We determined three product channels to focus on and three creative directions with a unifying theme. From there our copywriters created characters to who would not only entertain, but also provide the right tone for the spots. A hop, skip, and a jump later casting was done and it was off to final production. Meanwhile our musicians cranked the dial up to eleven and delivered the goods with a custom audio logo. You can hear it featured at the end of this sample.

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