Push Button Productions: Secret Services Revealed!

Here at Push Button, we understand that we’re known for making radio ads, which is what we do most of the time. We can also get down with a good jingle too. But here’s a big secret: we provide all kinds of other audio services too.

We work in other languages besides English.

That’s right, we’re international. Vocally speaking that is. We have voice talents that can speak Spanish, and Yeosh is also a fluent Spanish speaker. Yeosh will make sure that the Spanish translations flow correctly and make sense in cultural contexts.

Taking it beyond the radio.

And not only does Push Button Productions make great radio, we also produce audio for television. Music production, sound, and voice overs need to be as pristine on the screen as they are in the car. Push Button Productions makes audio for websites too! A website is a perfect place to involve a potential lead in all kinds of experiences with sound that other mediums can’t do.

Hold the phone!

One of the most important make or break moments for a company can be when a customer is on hold. We did a more in-depth look at the importance of making good on- hold content, which can be found here. But there’re a couple of tidbits that really stand out: 70 percent of all business callers are placed on-hold at some point during their phone call, and one-third of people who hang up while on-hold never call back. So, having good on-hold music with entertaining content is very important. Push Button Productions produces creative on-hold that will help people hold on long enough for you to make the sale.

Bringing brands to life.

That brings us to the final piece: brand music. These music pieces can be full-length songs that bring a brand’s personality to life. We go in-depth so the brand music can be used to tie together all the elements of brand-centric advertising.

There you have it! That’s why our logo says “Push Button Creative Audio” and not just “Push Button Radio Ads.” We are fully equipped audio smiths with the know-how for all of your audio needs!

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