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The Beginning of Jingle Companies
old radio jingles

What in the world are jingle companies, anyway? Are they an advertising agency? Do they work inside of a radio station? To truly understand what makes jingle companies so unique, you’ll have to go back to when radio itself was a new concept. Big Business, Big Entertainment The rise of radio for families to get…

People’s brains were analyzed while they listened to radio ads. Here’s what happened:

Neurensics neuromarketing research conducted the first study in marketing history that assesses how radio ads affect the brain. Neurensics used fMRI technology to scan the brains of 25 unknowing males while they listened to radio ads (they thought they were actually participating in a study about language proficiency). Finding 1: Passive listening trumps active listening….

6 Factors to Target Millennials on Radio

93% of millennials listen to 11 hours of radio a week, on average. Here’s how to target them. 1. Be real. Millennials know they’re being marketed to and they want transparency and facts. They don’t want fluff. They just want a product that works. Back up your claims and be realistic in your advertising. In…

Push Button Productions: Secret Services Revealed!

Here at Push Button, we understand that we’re known for making radio ads, which is what we do most of the time. We can also get down with a good jingle too. But here’s a big secret: we provide all kinds of other audio services too. We work in other languages besides English. That’s right,…

A Look in a Jingle Writer’s Day

As jingle writers, we have a detailed process for every client. Each jingle starts with a brief. Acreative brief is the research put in your company so that each jingle is guaranteed to be unique and on point with your brand and goals. History, brand voice, competitor research—it’s important the brief covers it all, so…

8 Media Buying Basics You Should Know

Radio offers an expansive audience for a great price. You can target your demographic based on which radio formats (stations) they listen to and what geographical markets they are in. There’s some basic terms you may want to familiarize yourself with if you plan on getting involved with the process of buying radio air time….

History of the Advertising Jingle
Headphones silhouette against On-Air sign symbolising a podcast broadcast.

Where did the advertising jingle come from? It’s something we don’t give much thought to—because to us, advertising and music have been connected for as long as we can remember. You listened to singers push new products over the radio since you were a kid. It seems as if advertising jingles have always been around….

Radio Jingles Work According to Science
Radio Jingle Creation - Push Button Productions

So, you’re thinking of using a radio jingle in your newest ad campaign. Here’s some concrete evidence that a radio jingle is exactly what you need to get your brand out there and stuck in consumers’ heads. Music and advertising are a historic power duo. Merchants in the crowded marketplaces of London in the 1500s…

What Separates a Commercial Jingle and a Pop Song?
commercial jingles

The process of making a club hit and the perfect commercial jingle aren’t that different. Both require knowledge about timing and having an ear for catchiness. Both are made by professional composers and songwriters. Both are very likely to get stuck in your head for years to come. And guess what else? Barry Manilow made…

The “Jingle Strategy”

What you don’t see behind the creation of every advertisement is the strategy. Good or bad, a well thought out strategy will define the success of an ad. But we don’t create just any kind of ad; we create audio. And we’re good at it, too. So we can say with certainty that our favorite…

10 Tips to Make Radio Advertising Work for You

If you want to generate leads, look no further. Radio advertising is a fun and effective strategy with a lower cost per impression compared to other mediums. But likе all mаrkеting tactics, ѕuссеѕѕ or failure depends on how you use it. Here аrе 10 radio hacks tо mаkе your rаdiо more efficient: Match thе ѕtаtiоn…

Digital Radio Technology Gives Birth to High-End Radio Ads

Radio technology has come a long way and gone are the days when you needed to use FM or long aerials to catch a good signal so you can hear the broadcast clearly. Nowadays, radio stations broadcast digitally and it has increased the quality of the broadcasts. Most radio stations are now accessible via the…